デジタル通貨は、CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index(BPI)によると、6,003.81ドルまで上昇しました。この価格で、Bitcoinは年初来500%以上の利益を上げています。

Bitcoin Climbs To Fresh, All-High Above $6000
The digital currency rose to as much as $6,003.81, according to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI). At this price, Bitcoin has gained more than 500% year-to-date.



Bitcoin Bullsは仮想通貨の新たな節目を祝うものですが、Bitcoinの発明者である中本聡氏の本質的な9年間のラリーには、大きなメリットがあります。匿名の作成者は、初期の仮想通貨の採掘から集められた980,000のビットコインを所有すると推定されています。

Bitcoin’s latest record high makes Satoshi Nakamoto the 247th richest person in the world
While bitcoin bulls celebrate yet another milestone for the cryptocurrency, there is one major beneficiary to what has essentially been a nine year-long rally: bitcoin’s inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto. The anonymous creator is estimated to own 980,000 bitcoins, amassed from mining the cryptocurrency in its early days.




Bitcoin surges above $6000 for the first time on heavy trading volume
Bitcoin climbs to a record above $6,000 as investors bet on future gains for the digital currency, especially as events in the next few weeks could remove major overhangs .


Rublix – 仮想通貨シーンの変更


Rublix – Changing the Cryptocurrency Scene
It’s obvious that cryptocurrency investing is often intimidating and complex for newcomers to the space. This complexity has been one of the largest factors limiting the speed of mass adoption.

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中国当局は仮想通貨為替取引を中止するよう命じ、9月20日にビートコインの価値を3,226.41ドルに引き下げた。    それ以来、今日のオープンで、値は5,699.58ドルに上昇し、569.40ドルから1.36pmへ、今晩は6,000ドル以上の最高値まで上昇しました。

Bitcoin just broke past the $6000 mark after reports China is rolling back on cryptocurrency ban
Chinese authorities ordered cryptocurrency exchanges to stop trading, causing the value of bitcoin to drop to $3,226.41 on 20 September. Since then, the value rose to $5,699.58 at the open today, spiking from $5659.40 at 1.36pm to another all-time high of more than $6,000 this evening.

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Wall Streetのアナリスト、Gary Shilling:私はBitcoinを理解していない


Wall Street Analyst Gary Shilling: I Don’t Understand Bitcoin
Gary Shilling, a prominent and highly regarded Wall Street financial analyst, recently said in an interview that he doesn’t understand Bitcoin and do not intend to invest in “things that are not transparent.



仮想通貨を支える技術の主流採用が増えているという兆しの中で、Mastercardは今回のFortune 500企業のうち第2位であり、今週はブロックチェーンの支払いを開始します。月曜日、IBM ibmは、南太平洋の銀行間の独自のブロックチェーンを通じて支払いを処理し始めたことも明らかにしました。

Mastercard Will Now Let You Pay With Blockchain—But Not Bitcoin
In a sign that mainstream adoption of the technology underpinning cryptocurrency is increasing, Mastercard is the second Fortune 500 company this week to begin facilitating blockchain payments. On Monday, IBM ibm revealed that it had also begun processing payments over its own proprietary blockchain between banks in the South Pacific.




Bitcoin boom prompts growth of coin-mining malware
The booming price of Bitcoin and other crypto-coins has kicked off a gold rush among malicious hackers keen to cash in, warn security firms.Many sites are now harbouring code that secretly uses a visitors’ computer to mine the valuable e-cash coins.The code is inserted by hackers who exploit poor site security or web software bugs.

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Ethereum, Bitcoin Prices Stabilize After Day of Sideways Trading
Traders restored a bit of stability to the crypto markets on Friday following a day of sideways trading. The bitcoin price and ethereum price each declined a bit less than 1% for the day, and most major altcoins experienced similar minor declines.



TheNational.aeによると、ジンバブエでのビートコインの採用は、経済状況が荒れているように見えているように見える。 Golix.io取引所では1ドルの取引が1万ドル近くで、世界平均は5,642.00ドルである。

Bitcoin Price Nears $10000 in Zimbabwe Due to a Lack of Cash in the Country
According to, bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe is seemingly skyrocketing as the country’s economic situation looks bleak. So much so, that one bitcoin is trading at nearly $10,000 on the exchange, while the global average is, at press time, of $5,642.00.