大きな波:日本の津波の破片 – 写真

津田先生は、福島原子炉を傷つけた日本の2011年の津波の後に発見された物体を撮影しています。 「私のカメラで「記憶」を記録しています。 「時間自体は彼らの中に蓄積されています – それらを使った人々の時代…

The great wave: debris from the Japanese tsunami – in pictures
Tomohiro Muda photographs objects found in the wake of Japan’s 2011 tsunami, which damaged the Fukushima nuclear reactor. ‘I record their “memory” with my camera,’ he says. ‘Time itself has accumulated in them – the time of the people who used them …

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リーダーとしてのあなたの旅には、決断がすべて間違っているようにいつも感じる時があります。何もそれは仮定されている方法で動作するようです。あなたの能力と自分の能力に対する信念 – 2つ…

Five Ways To Demonstrate Leadership In Times of Crisis
There are going to be times in your journey as a leader when you invariably feel like every decision you take is turning out to be incorrect. Nothing seems to work the way it’s supposed to. Your competency and the belief in your own abilities – the two …




Five simple ways to avoid getting Staley-ed
News overnight that the Barclays chief executive Jes Staley had fallen victim to prank email shows that even those at the very top of the corporate world are susceptible to cyber tricksters. While the biggest damage this time around was undoubtedly to …

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「数学的不安」を持つ親は、家庭でより良い数学コーチになるために教師が使用する戦術を採用することができます。クレジット:Uber Images / Shutterstock.comあなたのお子さんが数学の宿題を手伝っていたことがあるなら、毎日それをする先生方に本当に感謝しています。

Seven ways to help your kids with math homework
Parents with “math anxiety” can adopt tactics teachers use to become better math coaches at home. Credit: Uber Images/Shutterstock.com. If you’ve ever had to help your child with math homework, you really appreciate their teachers, who do it every day.




5 Ways to Delegate Like a Pro Every Time
The most effective way to ensure that people are on task is simply through knowing the timeline of every person involved, and touching base with them at various points through their work to ensure it’s as promised. Otherwise, if you wait until the last …



ロンドンの英国の新興企業バーチャルシミュレーションに特化したImprobableは、日本のSoftBank Group Corpから502百万ドルを調達したと発表した。ソフトバンクの投資は、ソフトバンクには、「すばらしい」の非支配的な株式を与え、

Japan’s SoftBank invests $500 million in UK tech start-up Improbable
LONDON British technology start-up Improbable, which specializes in virtual simulation, has raised $502 million from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp, it said on Friday. The investment gives SoftBank a non-controlling stake in Improbable, and, according to …



結局のところ、何を心配する必要があります – 株式市場はほとんどの日に直線に上がる。しかし、北朝鮮で何が起きているのか注目されている一部の投資家は懸念している。彼らは株式を売るべきかどうか尋ねている…

Ask Arora: As North Korea goes ahead with nukes, how should I position my portfolio?
After all, what is there to worry about — the stock market goes up in a straight line most days. But some sharp-eyed investors are paying attention to what is happening in North Korea, and they are concerned. They are asking if they should sell stocks …




N Korea seeks extradition in alleged assassination plot
North Korea will seek the extradition of anyone involved in what it says was a CIA-backed plot to kill leader Kim Jung-un last month with a biochemical weapon, a top official says. Han Song-ryol, the vice foreign minister, called a meeting of foreign …




How human noise affects ocean habitats | Kate Stafford
Oceanographer Kate Stafford lowers us into the sonically rich depths of the Arctic Ocean, where ice groans, whales sing to communicate over vast distances — and climate change and human noise threaten to alter the environment in ways we don’t understand. Learn more about why this underwater soundscape matters and what we might do to protect it.

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Firms named in ‘death by overwork’ crackdown
The name-and-shame tactic is part of efforts by the government of Shinzo Abe to shake-up labour laws in a bid to give employees greater protection, including overtime caps. Corporate Japan has been no stranger to controversy in recent years, for …

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