イシスとC-60がモスルの汚い爆弾のために – 巨大な問題ではない


Isis And The C-60 For A Dirty Bomb In Mosul – Not A Huge Problem
The Washington Post is running a rather breathless story about how Isis could have potentially had a dirty bomb from materials that were available in Mosul, that town that they controlled until just recently.




Dozens of ISIL militants killed in air raid in Anbar
Iraqi jet fighters carried out the air raid against two ISIL-controlled towns in western Anbar bordering Syria, said the Iraqi Joint Operations Command (JOC) in a statement.

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ISIS in America: Golden Gate Bridge Closed to Traffic During Marathon to Stop Terror Attacks
As runners cross San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Sunday, the city’s most famous landmark will be closed to traffic to prevent a vehicle ramming attack similar to those that have taken place in the U.K., France and Germany.




Hundreds of ISIL await repatriation from Libya
Seven months after Libyan forces defeated ISIL in the coastal city of Sirte, hundreds of bodies of foreign militants still lie stored in freezers as authorities negotiate with other governments to decide what to do with them, local officials say.

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ISIS bodies piling up in Libyan morgue, report says
Most of the dead, shipped to a morgue in Misrata, Libya, were killed in December when Libyan forces defeated ISIS in a battle at Sirte, on Libya’s Mediterranean coast, Reuters reported.

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絶望的な父親はジハード息子をISISの血まみれの惨事から救助し、その過程で主要なテロ組織を解体した。  ディシトリ・ボンティンクは、彼の著書「救出されたイシス」で、彼の少年ジェジュン(ジェイ・イン・ジャイアント)が彼らのネイティブ・ベルギーでジハディスに募集されたのを見て、無意識に見ることを説明している。

Dad risks it all to save his radicalized son from jihadists in ‘Rescued from ISIS’
A desperate dad rescued his jihadist son from the bloody grasp of ISIS — and dismantled a major terrorist network in the process. In his book “Rescued from Isis,” Dimitri Bontinck describes watching helplessly as his boy JeJoen — known as Jay — was recruited by jihadis in their native Belgium.

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マーティスISIS指導者バグダディ: "私は彼の体を見るまで、私は彼が生きていると仮定しようとしている


Mattis on ISIS leader Baghdadi: ‘Until I see his body, I am going to assume he is alive’
Amid ISIS’ defeat in the Iraqi city of Mosul and ongoing fighting in its self-declared capital in Raqqa, Syria, the fate of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, remains unknown.

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How the US Navy Is Waging War on ISIS
As the Islamic State, the terrorist army also known as ISIS, loses territory, the myriad military forces arrayed against it are converging. The battle space, consequently, is increasingly crowded, and U.S. forces and the local groups partnered with them on the ground are more frequently brushing up against the Russian and Syrian regime militaries.

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欧州連合(EU)の対テロ通信網は、シリアとイラクでISISが失う地盤が欧州に向かう自殺爆撃機の危険性を高めていると懸念している – 紙によれば、リストに載っている人物が大陸に到達したという証拠はない。

Interpol lists ISIS terror suspects trained for Europe suicide attacks: report
European counter-terror networks are worried ISIS losing ground in Syria and Iraq increases the risk of suicide bombers heading to Europe — although the paper says there is no evidence that any of the individuals on the list have reached the continent.


Ikaika Kangは、2017年7月8日、ホノルルの住宅でテログループに忠誠を誓うと、イスラム国家グループの旗を掲げている。ホノルル(HONOLULU) – ハワイの連邦大陪審が米国を起訴した

Soldier accused of supporting ISIS indicted on terrorism charges
Ikaika Kang holds an Islamic State group flag after allegedly pledging allegiance to the terror group at a house in Honolulu on July 8, 2017. AP. HONOLULU — A federal grand jury in Hawaii indicted a U.S.

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