マカオのゲーム会社による数百万ドルの仮想通貨 "シェア"オファーは、アジアで最も有名な元ギャングランドのボスの一人である "Broken Tooth" Wan Kuok-koiの後援を受けています。

Former Macau gangland boss enters into multimillion-dollar casino cryptocurrency deal
A multimillion-dollar cryptocurrency “share” offer by a Macau gaming company has the backing of one of Asia’s most notorious former gangland bosses – “Broken Tooth” Wan Kuok-koi.

South China Morning Post


ベネズエラのハイパーインフレーションは、食事を購入するためにスーツケースを運ぶ必要が現実味を帯びています。 Bitcoinは、国の低金銭債券に取って代わることができ、キャッシュレス社会のプライバシーの危険を防ぎ、潜在的に主権国家の最初のBitcoinizationを見ることができます。

Venezuelan Hyperinflation Makes Bitcoin An Ideal Way To Transact
Hyperinflation in Venezuela has made a reality of having to carry suitcases of money in order to buy meals. Bitcoin could replace low denomination notes in the country, prevent the privacy perils of a cashless society and potentially see the first Bitcoinization of a sovereign state.




Cryptocurrency mania grips Hong Kong as it looks beyond banking
But a growing number of Hong Kong entrepreneurs and policy makers are convinced the online ledger system that underlies cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will eventually reshape everything from financial services to supply chains.




Gibraltar Prepares For Regulation Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges And ICOs
On Friday, the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission released a warning about investment in token offerings (ICOs). Presently, the supervisory agency is weighing legal guidelines for the crowdfunding mechanism.



しかし、私は、北朝鮮が秘密資金を得るためにビットコイン市場を利用して、彼らの周りを回っているのではないかと懸念している。北朝鮮に圧力をかけていると思われる中国が、最近、ビットコイン市場を閉鎖した理由が、それが原因だと思う。 Bitcoinは "ビットコン"です。

Bitcoin market may be financing North Korea after sanctions
But I’m told the nations that put those sanctions in place are worried North Korea is getting around them by using the bitcoin market to get secret financing. And I’m wondering if that’s the reason China, which seems to be on board in pressuring North Korea, recently shut down bitcoin markets. Bitcoin is a “bitcon.

New York Post


Swapperは、仮想通貨の1031回の課税繰延取引を実行するための自動化されたブロックチェーンベースのサービスです。したがって、1つの資産を別の種類の資産に交換する際に発生する税金負担を延期します。 (はい、その時点で税金負債が作成されています)なぜ以前に1031交換所について聞いたことがありませんか?

Swapper.io Seeks to Protect Bitcoin Users from Extreme Taxation
Swapper is an automated blockchain based service for performing 1031 tax-deferred exchanges of cryptocurrencies, thus deferring the immediate tax liability that is created when exchanging one asset to another like-kind asset. (Yes there is indeed a tax liability created at that juncture) Why have I never heard of the 1031 exchange before?




Bitcoin Can Now Buy a Mansion in Moscow Suburbs
If you were a real early hoarder of Bitcoin who resisted the temptation to sell your stash during the cryptocurrency’s unprecedented rise, you just might be in the market for a swanky new property. Wouldn’t it be great if you could avoid the hassle (and not to mention scrutiny) that dumping $8 million on the market would surely entail?




How do you value bitcoin?
But the question remains, if you are going to put money into bitcoin, how do know whether the price you’re paying is reasonable? And that is a question that even the experts really struggle to answer.


スロベニアの貯蓄銀行の伝統的なATMの分配Bitcoin Vouchers

スロベニアの貯蓄銀行Hranilnica Lonが撮影したビデオによると、同社は同社のロビーにある古典的な現金自動預払機(ATM)でビットコインを購入する機能を有効にしている。 Kranjベースの銀行は、従来のATMにビットコインを導入するのは世界で最初の銀行だと考えています。

A Slovenian Savings Bank’s Traditional ATM Dispenses Bitcoin Vouchers
According to a video filmed by the Slovenian savings bank Hranilnica Lon, the firm has enabled the ability to purchase bitcoin with its classic automated teller machine (ATM) located in the company’s lobby. The Kranj-based bank believes it’s the first bank worldwide to implement bitcoin into a traditional ATM.

Bitcoin News (press release)

ウクライナの中央銀行家:Bitcoinは '絶対に通貨ではありません'


Ukrainian Central Banker: Bitcoin Is ‘Definitely Not a Currency’
Echoing recent comments by senior financial services executives in the U.S., the Ukrainian central banker described bitcoin as a risky investment for consumers and a vehicle for fraud. But he downplayed any systemic concerns about bitcoin and its brethren.